Hi! I'm Katie Rice and I'd like to welcome you to Camp Weedonwantcha!

I can't begin to tell you how exciting this has all been—from first auditioning for Strip Search to creating a comic that is close to my heart.

Camp Weedonwantcha is a place where kids get dropped off for the summer and are never picked up again. With no adults around, the unwanted trio of Malachi, Seventeen, and Brian can get into whatever dangerous and irresponsibly fun activities their hearts desire.

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  • Malachi


    Twelve year old Malachi is Camp Weedonwantcha’s newest resident. He’s not sure how or why his mom left him there.

  • Seventeen


    Seventeen, unlike Malachi, is an enthusiastic camper and doesn’t miss her family– or at least she doesn’t let on that she does.

  • Brian


    Brian is a bit on the mysterious side. No one’s sure where he came from or what he did to get left at the camp.